GLYNT liberates unstructured data from complex documents

GLYNT started from a problem we had. As WattzOn, we provide utility bill data to customers such as solar companies, smart home providers and managed housing. As our business grew we faced a key challenge: How to get the data off the bill? Without a fully-automated solution, the cost of reading utility bills is too high and service is too slow.

GLYNT is the machine learning solution we built to solve our problem. GLYNT is accurate, fast and has disruptively low costs. And then the phone started ringing. Other companies in diverse industries – finance, healthcare, environmental compliance, defense, bill payments – had the same challenge. GLYNT solves their unstructured data problem too.

GLYNT.AI serves customers who need automated data extraction solutions. Because we live the frustrations of trapped data, GLYNT’s product features are targeted to address real world frictions. For example, most machine learning applications require large sets of training data. From reading cat images to segmenting customers, machine learning generally requires thousands and thousands of labeled examples. GLYNT does not. GLYNT has Low Show Learning, which needs fewer than 10 documents for a training data set. 

We’re excited to offer GLYNT. At every turn, GLYNT is shaped by real world challenges and solves the right unstructured data problems. It’s a game changer for us, and we hope for you too. 

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