Valuable Data is Trapped in Documents.

Our Mission is to Liberate that Data.

And to Make It So Easy
That Anyone Can Do It.

The use of paper documents is declining, but what was once paper is now a PDF. Over 5 trillion PDFs are created each year. And there is no “PDF API”.

Add 1 billion faxes to the mix. Swirl in the fact that PDFs and scans are the documents of record for many enterprise, healthcare and government systems.

Valuable data is trapped in documents.

Our mission is to make document data easy. So easy that anyone can do it with just as few clicks. “Let’s GLYNT It” becomes the foundation for document data access and insights:

Problem: Key data is trapped in energy, water and waste utility bills. GLYNT: Use our prebuilt application to liberate utility bill data. Now there is a standard API for sustainability reporting. Get started in just a few clicks.

Problem: Patients don’t have control and easy access to their personal medical records, leaving a big gap in medical histories. GLYNT: Take a photo, fax the document or upload the PDF. GLYNT turns it into a stream of data for healthcare apps everywhere. Now patients can show caregivers their full history.

Problem: Government records are kept in PDF formats. The data is just out of reach for journalists, researchers and activists. GLYNT: Set up GLYNT to read your government documents. It just takes minutes, no coding required. Now you can tell important stories informed by data.

GLYNT liberates document data. So easy anyone can do it.