GLYNT.AI Expands Go-To-Market as an Advanced Technology Partner in the Amazon Web Services Partner Network

GLYNT Accelerates Its Growth of Data Extraction from Documents

GLYNT.AI Announces Availability of Low Shot Learning

Customers can now extract data from unstructured documents in under an hour

WattzOn Surpasses Human Accuracy in Text Extraction from Structured Documents

Machine Learning Solution Breaks Human Review Bottleneck and Delivers Highly Accurate, Scalable Text Extraction from PDFs, Scans and Images

WattzOn's Mr Bill Liberates Data from Static Documents Using Advanced Machine Learning

Enables data extraction from hard copy documents for the energy and healthcare industries

WattzOn Brings the Power of Machine Learning to Utility Data Access

Companies Can Now Obtain Fast and Accurate Utility Data via API


1.B healthcare documents are sent every year. Let’s get that data liberated!

Automate data from invoices. 10X increase in velocity with GLYNT

Over 2.5 trillion PDFs are created each year. How much of your data is trapped?


There are more than 75,000 utilities in the US. GLYNT connects bills to your platform


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