GLYNT for Financial Services

Online financial services need both speed and accuracy

GLYNT’s completely automated solution delivers
Faster approvals. More data for analytics.
Faster conversions, better decisions. More revenues.
GLYNT conquers the long tail of document variety
National lending platforms see a huge variety of income and tax documents

GLYNT for Financial Services makes it a breeze to automate the long tail

GLYNT checks the boxes
Accuracy and Speed
GLYNT produces highly accurate data from the start, eliminating layers of human review and speeding the data flows.
Every single data item produced by GLYNT can be tracked back to the original document. Exceptions are flagged.
Document Variety
GLYNT handles document variety. As the mix of documents streams in, GLYNT automatically classifies, routes and extracts.
Easy Access Through Our No-Code UI
Business analysts and data clerks can manage data extraction workflows through GLYNT’s point & click UI.
Built on a self-contained and elastic AI workbench, it’s simple to scale up GLYNT for high-volume applications: Just add compute.
Higher ROI for the Entire Workflow
GLYNT eliminates data errors early in the workflow, reducing errors and exceptions in downstream analytics and audits.
Get started with GLYNT with just a few clicks
Use GLYNT’s prebuilt Field Lists for financial service documents
Don’t see the Field List you need? No problem.
Create your own Field List and get data returned within a day.

Document data fills in the gaps for financial services

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Pay Stubs
Pay stubs are a classic example of the long tail of document variety. GLYNT automatically handles the pay stub mix as documents flow in.
Help Consumers Build Credit with Utility Bills

With declines in home and car ownership, lenders are hungry for data that fills in the gaps. Use GLYNT’s LINK product to provide utility bill payment histories from prospective borrowers.

Financing Contracts from Partners
A quick, automated data check on loan documents prepared by sales partners helps to validate contract details before cash is sent.
Vehicle Titles
50 states, 50 title formats. Use GLYNT to read title documents and validate data before it turns into an error in loan documentation.
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