GLYNT at a Glance

Take a quick product tour of GLYNT.
Built for the Business User, GLYNT is simple to use.

As is said: a video is worth a thousand words!

Watch how GLYNT is trained on two documents and produces 100% accurate results in minutes. A great demo of ‘Few Shot’ machine learning.
Take a quick tour of the three advanced features underneath the hood at GLYNT that provide a complete document data solution.
Even if GLYNT has never previously seen your documents, you’ll get highly accurate data in under 20 minutes.
Take a look at the customer experience through the eyes of GLYNT’s sales team.
What does this dense phrase mean? How did GLYNT use Semantic Web to solve a long-standing challenge in the document world?
See automated utility bill data capture from end to end. Watch the speed and accuracy of GLYNT’s solution.

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Delivering a new type of carbon emissions data. Accessible, verifiable and speedy.