GLYNT for Healthcare

Healthcare data is trapped in documents
Imagine a simple connector that transforms your document silos into a stream of data

GLYNT closes the document data gap in healthcare.

It’s hard to cure cancer with only half of the patient history

Nearly 50% of our medical history is trapped in pdfs, scans and faxes. Documents that are in the EMR, but never read.

Use GLYNT to liberate document data. Your AI and BI applications will be happy.

GLYNT checks the boxes

Accuracy and Speed
GLYNT produces highly accurate data from the start, eliminating layers of human review and speeding the data flows.
Every single data item produced by GLYNT can be tracked back to the original document. Exceptions are flagged.
Document Variety
GLYNT handles document variety. As the mix of documents streams in, GLYNT automatically classifies, routes and extracts.
Easy Access Through Our No-Code UI
Business analysts and data clerks can manage data extraction workflows through GLYNT’s point & click UI.


Built on a self-contained and elastic AI workbench, it’s simple to scale up GLYNT for high-volume applications: Just add compute.
Higher ROI for the Entire Workflow
GLYNT eliminates data errors early in the workflow, reducing errors and exceptions in downstream analytics and audits.
Get started with GLYNT, with just a few clicks

Use GLYNT for Healthcare, our prebuilt Field Lists for healthcare documents

Don’t see the Field List you need? No problem.
Create your own Field List and get data returned within a day.

With so many documents, healthcare abounds with opportunities
for improved results.

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Healthcare Insurance Cards
How much time is wasted from failure to correctly capture all the insurance numbers correctly? GLYNT’s world-class accuracy saves you time and money.
Medical Lab Test Results
1000s of medical labs print their own reports, and conventional technologies fail to automate the document variety. GLYNT’s prebuilt Field Lists for healthcare provides the data in just a few clicks.
Medicare Claims Processing
1.2 billion Medicare claims are filed each year, largely in pdf, fax and scan file formats. GLYNT’s automated data extraction enables insights, analytics and claims auditing.
Healthcare Records by Fax

Over nine billion medical records are faxed each year. Turn faxes into a stream of data with GLYNT’s integrations with fax solutions.

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