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Use the support services from GLYNT and our partners
Use services from GLYNT or its partners to solve these common problems
Speech bubble that reads, "Our sales reps don’t send us well-named files. Can we rename by account number?"
Speech bubble that reads, "My team is busy. I can’t interrupt their daily work to try a new system"
Speech bubble that reads, "We get bulk invoices, over 400 pages long. Can you take care of this?"
Speech bubble that reads, "Our customers send us emails with bills attached. Can we forward those to GLYNT?"
Use GLYNT’s support services to accelerate your deployment, and handle the common challenges in a document workflow
GLYNT offers a suite of workflow tools and support for trials and on-boarding. Need a full service solution? No problem. Our partners are ready.
Choose the workflow that fits your needs
Typical service configurations
Set up flow
Train models
Maintain models
Run extraction
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Looking for a better way to capture data from documents? GLYNT speeds your workflow with automated data capture.

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