Ready-to-Use Energy, Water and Emissions Data

Summary reports and detailed data for all of your sites, big or small.
Coordinate neighborhoods and empower community groups.
Manage expenses and plan reductions

Data in One Place Saves Time and Money

Get annual baselines and monthly updates in a simple spreadsheet format.

Analyze, visualize and share.

Gain Control of Your Energy, Financing and Emissions Decisions

It’s your data. Review internally, solicit bids, negotiate reductions and financing with confidence.

Organize communities with the power of their data.

No IT Needed

Get first data in days. Monthly updates are now a breeze

Make Local Benchmarking Easy for Everyone

Provide local homes and businesses with a simple solution: Upload bills, Get data.

Talk to GLYNT about how we can support your community and local programs.

Register Your Progress Everywhere

GLYNT provides verifiable, accurate and ready-to-upload data.