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GLYNT’s Sustainability Data Services

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Enterprise Sustainability Data

Accurate, audit-ready data that is ready to go places

Enterprise Sustainability Data Defined

GLYNT’s sustainability data-as-a-service drives financial compliance and innovation

Aligned with the GHG Protocols

The complete set of data needed for compliance: emissions, water, energy & waste


Actual data from primary sources, prepared with verifiable high accuracy


Faster, easier audits when every data transfer is backed up with documents and audit trails


Permissioned, automated data sharing across the supply chain deliveries high-quality data with low effort


Sustainability data prepared in the same rigorous manner as reported financial data


Financial planning and stress tests can rely on high-quality, verified data


Get Enterprise Sustainability Data quickly, freeing time for preparation of reports and reduction plans

GLYNT Data is Ready for Financial and Accounting Software

Integrated Financial-Sustainability Reporting simplifies data handling and reporting. Use existing software and systems, easily engaging your current team

Reduce Reporting and Compliance Risk

Late-stage errors are costly. Use verifiable, audit-ready data from GLYNT

Implement Sustainability Throughout Your Business