We’re Changing the Game for Enterprise Sustainability Data

Our Innovative Approach to Enterprise Sustainability Data

GLYNT Delivers

Actual, accurate, automated sustainability data

Partners Integrate

Data into ERP, accounting and financial systems

Partners & Clients Deliver

Sustainability reporting, emissions reductions and financial innovation

Clients save 70% over the cost of current systems, leverage investments in existing software and systems, while gaining the insights, analytics and reporting that drive sustainability strategy

ESG is a Team Sport

Our Partners use GLYNT data to deliver innovative, customized solutions for businesses around the globe. The challenge is too big to do it all alone.

GLYNT + Partners = Happy Customers

Leverage Your Enterprise Expertise

GLYNT has pioneered the way. Use GLYNT data in ERP, accounting, procurement and financial planning systems. Build on your expertise in RPA, digital automation and software integrations and deployments. GLYNT data is always 100% compliant with the leading climate reporting frameworks.

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Thought Leadership

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Sales Support

Training, sales enablement, leads and co-selling


Land and Expand

GLYNT’s product roadmap delivers additional revenue opportunities

Enterprise Focus

We’ve normalized the “E” in ESG. Sell faster and easier with GLYNT

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Deliver the modern automated sustainability data flows your clients expect


  • Speed revenues
  • Increase accuracy
  • Granular data for reduction planning


  • Speed time to value
  • Add sustainability data flows to your platform
  • Enable your partner ecosystem

Advisory &
Consulting Partners

  • Set data-driven strategic sustainability goals
  • Identify the high ROI sustainability projects
  • Leverage current ERP & financial systems
  • Land and Expand with full client enablement