Meet the Stiff Investor Demand for Sustainability Disclosures

Fast and Accurate Enterprise Sustainability Data

GLYNT data flows into sustainability software, reporting frameworks and your current ERP and financial systems

Efficient Capture

GLYNT captures data from business invoices, utility bills, IoT sensors and more

Useful Data

GLYNT’s automated platform harmonizes disparate data sources into ready-to-use structured formats

Automated Workflow

Recurring data services help your team focus on reductions and impact

LPs are Driving the Market

“93% of LPs say they will walk away from an investment for ESG reasons”

– Bain
Survey of 100 LPs in 2022

Simplify Sustainability Reporting for Private Investments

Portfolio companies use actual accurate data from GLYNT

Reported data flows into current financial systems. Stress test for carbon exposure and climate risk

Increasing Number of 100ºF Days

Don’t Fly Blind

The next 15 years will be different than the past. What is your exposure to climate change? How will the infrastructure in your locations fare?

Emerging data-driven risk exposures show the impacts are concentrated. Your strategic decisions matter.

Value Creating Opportunities in Private Investments

Meet investor screens with actual, accurate sustainability data • Earn higher returns with verified clean energy usage

Get Started with GLYNT

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Get a “taste” of GLYNT data

  • Two-week POC
  • GLYNTify up 5 sites
  • Test integrations


Establish a Recurring Data Service

  • Dedicated GLYNT Onboarding team
  • Get your sites loaded into GLYNT
  • Automated updates thereafter


Report Baselines and Reduction Plans

  • Use GLYNT data in your enterprise ERP and financial systems
  • 100% compliant with GHG Protocols
  • Report in any framework

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