Carbon Emissions Data
For All of Your Customers and Properties

GLYNT provides Scope 2 Emissions data to business partners
and property managers in the residential sector.

Get monthly updates on usage, expense and emissions

No IT Needed

Just submit utility bills to GLYNT and get an easy-to-use spreadsheet in return

Of course we also welcome integrations of our API

Engage Your Customers With Their Data

Meet Gradient – a new type of heating and cooling system.

Monthly data from GLYNT verifies energy savings and emissions reductions

This work is part of a community program in Modesto, CA funded by the Strategic Growth Council, State of California.
Learn more about our community program

Learn more about Gradient

The Data You Need for Reporting – Energy, Water and Emissions

Go from a single source of truth to multiple reporting sites.
Verifiable, accurate and ready-to-upload data.

Use Utility Logins

GLYNT services include automated bill capture from utility websites.*

And automatic transformation of utility bills into emission data, with monthly updates.

* Consumer-permissioned access

Start with a Simple Camera Photo

Many utilities – and many consumers – still use paper utility bills.

Use GLYNT to capture key data from a single photo, then expand the conversation.

Are You a Homeowner or Renter?

Currently GLYNT does not offer services directly to consumers. But watch this space! We have a solution in the works.

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Energy and emissions data for businesses everywhere

Accurate • Verifiable
Shareable • Fast