SEC and EU Regulations:
There’s a New Lens on Property Value and Risk

Fast and Accurate Enterprise Sustainability Data

GLYNT data flows into sustainability software, reporting frameworks and your current ERP and financial systems

Efficient Capture

GLYNT captures data from business invoices, utility bills, IoT sensors and more

Useful Data

GLYNT’s automated platform harmonizes disparate data sources into ready-to-use structured formats

Automated Workflow

Recurring data services help your team focus on reductions and impact

“The indirect impacts of climate risk on assets can be hard to perceive, causing some real-estate players to underestimate them. For example, a large flood may hit local transportation arteries. The flood waters may never enter your lobby, but neither will the tenants.”


At the crossroads of the global economy, the financial services sector faces high levels of emissions disclosure scrutiny.

  • Customers want green products
  • Regulators want SOX compliant, audited disclosures
  • Investors transparent reporting, with company-specific data

Capture the “Greenium Premium”

Constructing climate-ready buildings earns a premium:

  • 6% rent premium on average
  • 7.6% sales premium on average
  • 30% premium for LEED certified buildings

“When it comes to cutting carbon emissions, the real estate industry is running out of time”


The new “Must Have” is Investor-Grade Emissions Data

  • Actual audit-ready emissions data
  • Maintain revenues with customer-facing reports
  • Engage the capital markets
  • Identify opportunities for energy savings and emission reductions

Property Savings Opportunities

70% in data preparation expense  •  15%-30% from on-site energy reductions  •  5% of IoT sensors from smart cooling

Get Started with GLYNT

Get your Scope 1 and 2 emissions data from primary sources. Fast. Accurate. Organized. Done




“GLYNT-ify” Your Data for Up to 10 Sites


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A Recurring Data Service for Your Sites


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  • Get all sites up and running in 60 to 90 days



Quick Onboarding Automated Workflows


  • Dedicated onboarding team
  • Historical baselines
  • Automated maintenance
  • SOX compliant data
  • 70% savings on emissions data prep

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