Need sustainability data for your small business? Talk to GLYNT

Fast and Accurate Enterprise Sustainability Data

GLYNT data flows into sustainability software, reporting frameworks and your current ERP and financial systems

Efficient Capture

GLYNT captures data from business invoices, utility bills, IoT sensors and more

Useful Data

GLYNT’s automated platform harmonizes disparate data sources into ready-to-use structured formats

Automated Workflow

Recurring data services help your team focus on reductions and impact

32 million businesses employ nearly ½ of the US workforce. So when small businesses mobilize, community leadership listens

Use GLYNT to get regular updates on your water and energy usage.  Get emissions reports to share with key buyers.

Here’s How it Works

1. Contact GLYNT. Ask for our small business program

2. GLYNT will automate the energy, water and waste bills for up to 10 sites

3. Flat monthly fee

4. Get a monthly report on usage, expenses and emissions, and a CSV file of your data ready for use

5. From “Hello to Data” in under a week!

Savings Opportunities

70% savings for data preparation  •  Energy savings  •  Water savings

Get Started with GLYNT

Get your Scope 1 and 2 emissions data from primary sources. Fast. Accurate. Organized. Done




“GLYNT-ify” Your Data for Up to 10 Sites


  • Two-week POC
  • Click on the Starter Package at AWS Marketplace
  • or Contact GLYNT



A Recurring Data Service for Your Sites


  • Purchase at AWS Marketplaces
  • Or contact GLYNT
  • Get all sites up and running in 60 to 90 days



Quick Onboarding Automated Workflows


  • Dedicated onboarding team
  • Historical baselines
  • Automated maintenance
  • SOX compliant data
  • 70% savings on emissions data prep