Direct from Devices

Capture documents from the edge.
GLYNT’s device integrations create a speedy and simple flow. 
Make it easy for your customers to get you their documents
GLYNT captures documents directly from scanners, faxes and cameras
Use our end-to-end integrations to secure and speed document flows. GLYNT’s versatility handles the varied stream.
4 Use Cases
Travel receipts
Build GLYNT in to your travel reimbursement process. Employees provide pdfs and photos, GLYNT provides clean labeled data from the documents, you process quickly and accurately.
Compare proposals
Use GLYNT to capture key fields out of competing sales proposals. Put the data on a single table for your team or your customers. Now it’s an apples to apples comparison.
Field sales
Help your customers quickly provide the documents and forms to qualify for your product, service or financing. Build GLYNT into your support app to get clean, labeled data from the field in seconds.
Healthcare records
Over 1 billion medical records are faxed each year. Turn those into into streams of clean, labeled data with GLYNT’s end-to-end integration with fax providers.
From device to data: We know it works, we built an app ourselves
The GLYNT team started in the energy business, and so we built an app to help our solar customers get accurate utility bill data during a home consultation visit. Homeowners are impressed with the ease, and sales teams love the speed.
What if your fax machine could get a lot smarter?

Add a data stream to your incoming documents. With GLYNT’s end-to-end solution, your fax machine now has a modern AI data capture solution. Reduce costs of file routing, indexing and tagging. Add the data you need to comply with current governance and privacy standards.

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