Enterprise Platforms

Documents are the last huge data silo.
GLYNT delivers data from documents, ready for use in your platform.
Integrate documents – the last great data silo – into your enterprise platform
Use our end-to-end integrations to secure and speed document flows. GLYNT’s versatility handles the varied stream.

4 Use Cases

Regulatory compliance
Modern privacy laws require insight into your documents. Use GLYNT to build indices and meta tags with quickly extracted data. Make your documents searchable and compliant.
Energy management
The Fortune 5000 have locations across the US and around the world, each with different gas and electric utilities. Use GLYNT to read all the bills and manage down energy costs.
Supply chain records
The #1 frustration of supply chain leaders is bad data, leading to delays, forecast errors, and operational inefficiencies. Use GLYNT to build a database from your documents that you can trust.
Healthcare records
Over 1 billion medical records are faxed each year. Turn those into into streams of clean, labeled data with GLYNT’s end-to-end integration with fax providers.
GLYNT is aligned with corporate data governance and privacy needs
We don’t share data or documents across customers. Every customer is a silo.
Every 30 days your data and documents are removed from GLYNT*
*Evaporation can be done more frequently by customer request
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