Valuable Healthcare Data Remains Trapped in Documents

Almost all medical records requested by patients are faxed or mailed or sent as PDFs. The receiving office has to manually enter them into their system.


GLYNT is Highly Accurate

GLYNT Has the Lowest TCO

You Have the Trapped Data. Unlock its Value with GLYNT

GLYNT makes it easy
Data Extraction as a Service

The market for healthcare analytics is growing 25% per year

Glynt is Ready for Healthcare

Get Clean Labeled Data with Little Fuss

GLYNT is a highly flexible data extraction solution that requires very little setup and maintenance.
Even in the face of huge document variety and complex layouts


Use GLYNT’s Automation Assisted Tools to Speed Daily Tasks

Easy setup. Results in an hour.

GLYNT’s web-based tool has an easy point & click interface.

Quickly select the data fields you want to extract.

Most data is automatically provided thereafter.

Use our web-based tool to quickly review and validate.