Workflow Automation

Transform documents into data. 
GLYNT removes this frequent choke point in workflow automation.
Transform your workflow with GLYNT
The old way
Manual processes are used for data capture, interrupting the flow and lead to hidden errors. Documents constantly loop back for corrections.
The new way
Automated data capture keeps the flow going. Any data item can be corrected on the spot with GLYNT’s integrated UI.
Aggregate documents in your workflow with GLYNT
Whether a front-office loan application or a back-office bill collection, many workflows require clean, labeled data from a variety of documents. Use GLYNT’s easy customization to get highly accurate data from all your documents.

4 Workflow Examples

Invoice automation
Capture data directly from documents, including line-item detail. Quickly review if needed with GLYNT’s integrated UI for 100% accuracy.
Payment automation
Use GLYNT’s versatility to accurately capture data from multiple documents, ready for matching across records before processing payments.
Speed supply chains
Automated data capture from documents provides clean data for master record systems. Data now moves quickly to support JIT results and tight, timely forecasts.
HR functions
Every new employee is a stack of documents. As you automate HR processes, use GLYNT to quickly and securely capture sensitive employee information.
Get a leveraged ROI with GLYNT
GLYNT is highly accurate, leading to huge reduction in errors in a standard 3-way data match, delivering speed and cost reductions throughout your workflow. Our technical advantage is your leveraged ROI.

A single solution speeds workflows

With a single stream for all document types, and super high accuracy, GLYNT delivers a highly automated workflow.

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