GLYNT for Supply Chains

Documents stream in from around the world
GLYNT gets all the line-item detail
Shipping manifests, parts lists, purchase orders, invoices and more
Automate data from documents
Timely and accurate data from GLYNT reduces supply chain costs
Use GLYNT for three-way matches and other data checks as you reconcile documents and payments.
Improve planning and partner coordination decisions with accurate and detailed data from documents.
Forecasting errors are costly, and forecasts are only as good as their data inputs. Get accurate data from GLYNT.

GLYNT checks the boxes

Accuracy and Speed
GLYNT produces highly accurate data from the start, eliminating layers of human review and speeding the data flows.
Every single data item produced by GLYNT can be tracked back to the original document. Exceptions are flagged.
Document Variety
Large document volume is always accompanied by high document variety. As documents stream in, GLYNT automatically classifies and extracts.
Easy Access Through Our No-Code UI
Business analysts and data clerks can manage data extraction workflows through GLYNT’s point & click UI.


Built on a self-contained and elastic AI workbench, it’s simple to scale up GLYNT for high-volume applications: Just add compute.
Higher ROI for the Entire Workflow
GLYNT eliminates data errors early in the workflow, reducing errors and exceptions in downstream analytics and audits.
GLYNT makes it easy.
Use GLYNT’s prebuilt Field Lists for Supply Chain documents
Don’t see the Field List you need? No problem.
Create your own Field List and get data returned within a day.
Documents contain data that are the heart and pulse of supply chains.

Here are a few use cases from our customers

Conquer Paper and Pdfs

Only 10 – 15% of incoming supply chain documents are fully digitized. The vast majority are submitted in paper and PDF formats. GLYNT liberates the data.

Conquer Document Variety
Global supply chains means global document sources, each with a different format. GLYNT’s prebuilt Field Lists for supply chain documents handles document variety, delivering standard and normalized data to you.
Get all the Details

It’s hard to build a correct parts list by combing through manufactures’ catalogs. Use GLYNT to give the catalog an API, including all the key details.

Automate the Weakest Link
Manual processes for incoming documents are the weakest link in the supply chain, slowing data and ultimately deliveries. GLYNT reduces costs and speeding data.

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