Turn Unstructured Data into Valuable Data

GLYNT produces a stream of clean, labeled data from complex documents
at disruptively lower cost.

Your data assets are made more valuable.

That’s simply brilliant

A Single Machine Learning System for all Documents
Because Documents Don’t Come Sorted by File Type

EASIER: No more managing multiple technologies. GLYNT is cost competitive for all file formats
SMARTER: Gain the performance advantage of machine learning for all of the unstructured data in your documents

GLYNT’S Secret Sauce: Low Shot Learning
95%+ Accuracy in Less than 10 Documents

Low Shot Learning speeds everything up.
Fast to get started, results within an hour

GLYNT Dominates Other Machine Learning Solutions
Now Get Great Results with Smaller Data Sets

Other machine learning systems require training sets of 15,000 to 300,000 documents
before they deliver the performance you need. And these systems take months to set up.

GLYNT is different.
GLYNT needs only 2 to 7 documents for training.
Get your results this afternoon.

GLYNT Combines Experience and Expertise
We’ve Been Processing Documents for Years and it Shows

Document variety is pervasive, and yet existing document technologies ask the user to manage libraries of templates, one for each variant. GLYNT eliminates this task. Yep, we’re tired of templates too. 

Even with low error rates, teams stay busy finding and untangling hidden, incorrect data. GLYNT is clear: Either the data item meets the standard of 100% character-level accuracy, or [] is returned. Now it’s easy to find and fix any issue.

High-performance applications, such as bill payments or healthcare, often require a final human data review. GLYNT’s tools enable users to drill down to document-level data fields, and also to validate production-scale. There’s no black box.

Document Volume Always Comes with Document Variety
GLYNT Tames the Long Tail

Document variety, eg different layouts, defeats current data extraction solutions as they require hand-craft templates for each layout.

Other machine learning approaches typically don’t recover all the unstructured data you need from the long tail.

GLYNT’s unique solution conquers the long tail.

GLYNT is the only way to scale.

Use GLYNT for Enterprise Data Strategies
A Complete, Self-Contained System, Ready to Deploy in Your Cloud Environment

Track jobs, review reports, validate results and drill down to an individual document and its results

Get results in a hour. No long training cycle. Easy to configure jobs, yet highly accurate from the start

GLYNT is a complete system, making it easy to deploy in a day in your cloud environment. Or use our cloud-based service

Clean, labeled data returned via API. Detailed reports validate results

GLYNT Is Designed for Frictionless Deployment

Download the GLYNT.AI Technology Overview

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