Aggregate Enterprise Sustainability Data Across Your Service Footprint

Fast and Accurate Enterprise Sustainability Data

GLYNT data flows into sustainability software, reporting frameworks and your current ERP and financial systems

Efficient Capture

GLYNT captures data from business invoices, utility bills, IoT sensors and more

Useful Data

GLYNT’s automated platform harmonizes disparate data sources into ready-to-use structured formats

Automated Workflow

Recurring data services help your team focus on reductions and impact

Sustainability Data Delivers Operational Savings

“Operators’ energy costs keep rising, but efficiency measures and organizational change can lower them by 15 to 20 percent in a year, benefiting company profits and the environment.”

– McKinsey

Climate Finance is Here

“Investors are asking all the right questions. And it’s coming down to transparency: Do you have the data? Can you validate your data?”

– James Gowen
Senior VP of Global Supply Chain
and Chief Sustainability Officer, Verizon

Verizon has issued $4B in green bonds.
The global market for sustainable bonds is expected to hit $1.3 trillion in 2022

Consumers are Buying Green

“90% of Gen Z is willing to pay 10% more for a green product.. And the Gen Z consumer has outsized influence on not only their Gen X parents but even their Boomer grandparents when it comes to sustainable shopping.”

– Forbes

Report your sustainability benchmarks and reduction plans with GLYNT data

Telco Emission Reduction Opportunities

15% from on-site energy reductions  •  5% from sleep and smart shutdowns  •  5% from IOT sensors for smart cooling

Get Started with GLYNT

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Get a “taste” of GLYNT data

  • Two-week POC
  • GLYNTify up 5 sites
  • Test integrations


Establish a Recurring Data Service

  • Dedicated GLYNT Onboarding team
  • Get your sites loaded into GLYNT
  • Automated updates thereafter


Report Baselines and Reduction Plans

  • Use GLYNT data in your enterprise ERP and financial systems
  • 100% compliant with GHG Protocols
  • Report in any framework

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