GLYNT Transforms Unstructured Data

Liberate the data from complex documents.
GLYNT’s machine learning system provides a stream of clean, labelled data


More than 80% of corporate data is unstructured in various formats and not ready for analytics

In 2017Fax use up 9%; Document scans up 13%; 66% of invoices are sent by PDF; 2.5 Trillion PDFs created each year.

AI and other business analytics tools are extremely data hungry. 15% of US GDP will be driven by AI by 2030.

GLYNT is a Machine Learning System that Produces
Clean, Labeled Data From Any Document.
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How much of your data is trapped in PDFs, scans and faxes?
How much is buried in tables or line-item detail?

Unlock Your Data with GLYNT


  • Highly accurate
  • Fast start. Get results in under an hour
  • Easy user interface that delivers control and transparency
  • Single system for pdfs, scans, faxes and document images
  • Self-contained software system, use on our cloud or yours
  • Data Extraction as a Service (DEaaS) pricing for businesses of every size

GLYNT is the Solution for Unstructured Data. Precisely Extract Any Data. Any Document. Results in Under an Hour