It’s Still a BYOD (Bring Your Own Data) World Out There

Back in Q1’2022 we put ourselves in the shoes of our enterprise customers and asked, “Which vendors produce the reportable sustainability data?” and ”Which vendors require the customer to bring their own data, or enter it manually?” We surveyed over 300 carbon accounting and sustainability software platforms. We found that nearly all of them told customers to “Upload your CSV” or “Enter Your Data Here.” In other words, they offered no data solution.

One year later, we were curious to see if anything had changed, so we updated our survey. Lo and behold, we found the same results: nearly every sustainability and carbon accounting software package still relies on BOYD. They offer to integrate into enterprise systems, or bring in industry-averages. Or the user can input unverified data.

But none of these methods can bring the assurance of a compliant data preparation method that delivers consistent and reliable sustainability data. Without documented and compliant methods, the data may not pass a third-party assurance or audit.

Repeating this survey and finding that not much has changed emphasizes the challenge our enterprise customers face. GLYNT produces accurate, actual, audit-ready sustainability data from utility bills and business invoices. If you’re reporting emissions data, or wondering where to begin, talk to GLYNT. We solve this problem for businesses every day.