We enable businesses, homes and communities to produce and benefit from their sustainability data


We are taking on the planet and climate change.

Sustainability data is a hard problem because the sources of data are so varied – invoices, utility bills, spreadsheets, APIs – and they are technical. It’s hard to read a utility bill. But what if you have 100 locations? That’s 100 different versions of utility-jargon to figure out.

GLYNT solves this tough challenge.

We believe better, faster, and accurate sustainability data leads to emissions reductions, reduced water use, and climate financing. And for consumers, on-time utility payments can lead to better credit scores and access to financing. Everyone deserves a seat at the table as we tackle climate change. With a new flywheel of change: Produce sustainability data, then benefit from it. When each of us can monetize our data, we’ll pay more attention. There’s an urgent planetary need to reduce GHG emissions and water use. Our profitable flywheel of change accelerates solutions.


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