GLYNT Uses AI to Liberate Data Trapped in Documents
GLYNT is Built for The Citizen User
Big Global Challenges Need GLYNT

Over 5 trillion PDFs are created each year. 38 billion messages are sent in the US healthcare system via fax and pdf. And yes, 30% of invoices are still submitted in paper form.

It all adds up to billions of documents, billions of miniature data silos.


GLYNT liberates data from documents. A powerful AI system and a simple, no-code user experience. Anyone can use GLYNT. World-class AI at everyone’s fingertips.


  • Climate Change
    Key data is trapped in energy, water and waste utility bills. Use GLYNT to create the business case for renewables and clean energy. Use GLYNT to show your emissions reductions. Use GLYNT to help consumers navigate the new world of EVs, storage and solar.
  • Global Supply Chain
    The global supply chain is under stress and many suppliers are waiting months to get paid. Use GLYNT to create digital submissions from the start, for every buyer. Get paid faster, get financing for outstanding invoices. And buyers gain too: Increased AP efficiency and more data for spend management.
  • Healthcare
    From Covid 19 test results to standard medical records, key data is trapped in pdfs, faxes and paper. Use GLYNT to liberate healthcare data in minutes. Let’s speed Covid test results. Let’s make interoperability a reality. Let’s add key patient data to the record, providing the complete view needed to cure cancer.
  • Small Business Lending
    The recent Payroll Protection Program (PPP) created an unsung hero, your local bank loan officer. The hours they put in! Instead, process documents accurately and faster with GLYNT. Put key data at the loan officer’s fingertips so it easy to apply expert judgement.

Documents are at the heart of today’s global challenges. GLYNT is here to help.

Date Founded
Proven AI
Woman-Led Tech Company
We’re Different
Years of WFH
GLYNT started in the energy industry, and we faced a challenge: How to read utility bills automatically. And accurately, with full line-item detail. Did we mention the document variety that only 3500 electric and gas utilities can provide? Reading utility bills is a hard problem!

So we built a machine learning solution for our own use, and then offered it on the market. Our early customers collaborated with us, and now GLYNT is a fully-featured end-to-end solution for liberating documents from data. And designed for the Citizen User. Because we know that not everyone codes.

The GLYNT team worked remotely before it was fashionable or required, and we’re proud of how we coordinate, collaborate and cherish working together. We’re a world-class software company in the heart of Silicon Valley leaning into the future.

Our Board
Peter Wexler

Peter Wexler is an experienced investor and entrepreneur. He was a co-founder and member of the board at Spidercloud Wireless (acquired by Corning) and VP of Engineering and Product Operations at Stoke. Previously Peter was VP of Engineering at Juniper Networks, and a Director of the Ericsson-Juniper joint venture company.

Christine Ervin

Christine draws on public, private and nonprofit leadership roles to foster green market transformation. Served as U.S. Assistant Secretary of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, first President & CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council, and Director of the Oregon Department of Energy. Now a public speaker, consultant and Ambassador for the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s C3E initiative promoting women in clean energy.

GLYNT Advisors
Saul Griffith

Co-founder of WattzOn and noted cleantech entrepreneur and MacArthur Genius Fellow. Now CEO of OtherLabs.
Solving climate change today

Richard Schmalensee

Former Dean of MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and former member of the Council of Economic Advisors. Now Emeritus at MIT.

Come Work with Us

At GLYNT you’ll build cutting-edge products that are changing markets and industries. We look for employees who are strong contributors in a highly transparent team, who are comfortable working remotely and who are constantly adding to their knowledge and learning.

Some benefits of working at GLYNT:

  • Flexibility to work remotely or from home
  • Competitive compensation
  • Medical, vision, and dental coverage
  • 401(k) plan

Think you might be a good fit? Get in touch!