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“You can’t manage what you don’t measure”

GLYNT tackles climate change by solving the hardest problem in sustainability: Data. For years, data on energy, water, waste and emissions was hand-crafted as the original sources are technical and varied. GLYNT built an automated platform that produces sustainability data that is accurate and consistent. Data we can build a future on.


Data for profits

The flywheel that accelerates change

Actual, accurate, and granular sustainability data powers the business case for emissions reductions and climate finance.  Sustainability is part of stakeholder capitalism, where profits accelerate solutions to climate change. Use GLYNT data to confidently evaluate business opportunities that address climate change or reduce your impact


Data for the business of climate

Data for the boardroom

Reporting requirements and standards for regulators, financial reporting and customers have harmonized around the world.

When sustainability data is prepared as rigorously as financial data, it is boardroom ready. And when sustainability decisions are presented in everyday business formats, board members know exactly how to proceed.

Data paints the picture. Data leads to improvement. Data connects actions, results and financing. GLYNT data is ready for your board room.


Our Values

Rely on Us

We’re honored that our customers have chosen GLYNT to produce key data. We never forget that they are relying on us. We go the extra mile.

Lead the Way

We work in a new market that is growing quickly. We’re building the path forward; there is no standing still. We expect change and plan for it.

Lean In

We’re always learning and growing. We look for new GLYNTonians who invest in themselves and want to advance their professional capabilities.

Own It

We’re a tech company with employees across North America. It works because each and everyone of us is responsible and accountable. That last inch gets done.

We’re a Team

We’ve taken on a big challenge. No one can do this alone. We have respect for others and integrity in communications. And we extend this to customers and partners.

GLYNT highlights

Purpose-built machine learning

The huge variation in Primary Data (e.g. the original source data) continues to challenge the sustainability landscape. With more than 100,000 variants of electricity bills alone, standard AI solutions don’t work.

GLYNT solves this problem with our purpose-built ‘Few Shot’ machine learning system. Quick and energy-efficient, GLYNT’s system delivers 98%+ accuracy from the start.

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Woman-Led Tech Company

Founded in 2009

WFH since 2012

We’re leading the market

2022 Annual Accuracy Report

Powerful machine learning technology



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