Big global challenges often require access to unique data trapped in documents.
Our first market is Scope 2 Emissions, where our advanced machine learning automates data capture from utility bills.

Next we’ll be tackling Scope 3 Emissions, liberating the data trapped in invoices around the world.

Climate Change

“We can’t solve climate change with manual data entry.”

Scope 2 Emissions data starts with the utility bills issued to the site. More than 12B energy, water and waste utility bills are issued each year. No standards, no API. Manual data entry persists. GLYNT delivers automated, audit-ready data on usage, expenses and emissions that enable customers to baseline, reduce, report and finance emissions reductions

Access to Credit

“Great neighborhoods and clean energy homes require access to financing.”

White U.S. family assets are 10 times larger than those of Black and Latino families, who also pay more for mortgages and other financial products.

GLYNT increases access to credit by enabling consumers to add utility bill payment data to their credit file.


“Efficient supply chains use less of our scarce resources.”

More than 60B invoices are issued in the US each year in paper or PDF format. These slow transactions and add to supply chain waste.

GLYNT’s advanced machine learning liberates valuable data in complex supply chain invoices, reducing errors and spending. We’re adding Scope 3 Emissions reporting in 2022.

Documents are at the heart of today’s global challenges.
GLYNT is here to help with a no-code solution that provides access to all.

Whether your team uses GLYNT’s software directly or works with a GLYNT customer or partner who does, you’ll be getting the benefits of GLYNT.

And together we can tackle the biggest challenge of our time: Climate change

Date Founded

‘Few Shot’ ML

Advanced AI

Woman-Led Tech Company
We’re Different
Years of WFH

GLYNT started in the cleantech industry where we faced a challenge: How to automatically and accurately read utility bills, while capturing all the detailed data. Did we mention the document variety created by the more than 50,000 energy and gas utilities in the US? Reading utility bills is a hard problem!

So we built a machine learning solution for our own use, and then offered it on the market. Early customers collaborated with us, and now GLYNT is a fully-featured end-to-end solution for liberating documents from data. And designed for the Business User. Because we know that not everyone codes.

Our first market is carbon emissions. It leverages our deep utility bill expertise and unlocks key data for the market. Unless we bring powerful solutions like GLYNT to the problem, we’ll never conquer climate change. We’re glad and humbled to have the right tools at the right time to make a fundamental difference.

The GLYNT team worked remotely before it was fashionable or required, and we’re proud of how we collaborate, coordinate and enjoy working together.

GLYNT: A world-class software company in the heart of Silicon Valley leaning into the future.

Our Team

Martha Amram
CEO & Founder

5 books – 4 patents
MIT Energy Lab
MIT Sloan Exec Board
& Visiting Committee

Formerly BU, Analysis Group, Navigant

Kelly Martin
VP, Head of Product

25 years of experience in customer-centric product design and validated methodologies for the voice of the customer

Lecturer UX, Pepperdine.
Formerly Rubicon Project, AppFolio, Symantec, Rapid7

Kyle Forbes
VP, Engineering

20+ years of experience in scalable, distributed software development and high-scale data processing

Formerly PayPal, Sony Online Entertainment, Lodestone Games

Our Board
Peter Wexler
Peter Wexler is an experienced investor and entrepreneur. He was a co-founder and member of the board at Spidercloud Wireless (acquired by Corning) and VP of Engineering and Product Operations at Stoke. Previously Peter was VP of Engineering at Juniper Networks, and a Director of the Ericsson-Juniper joint venture company.

Christine Ervin

Christine Ervin is a proven leader in green market transformation. She was Assistant Secretary of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy at the US DOE, the first President & CEO of the U.S. Green Building Council and the Director of the Oregon Department of Energy. A public speaker and consultant, Christine works with the C3E initiative to support the women in clean energy.

GLYNT Advisors
Saul Griffith

Co-founder of WattzOn, noted cleantech entrepreneur, and MacArthur Genius Fellow. CEO, Otherlab and Co-Founder, Rewiring America.

Richard Schmalensee

Former Dean of MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and former member of the Council of Economic Advisors. Now Emeritus at MIT.

Roy Anderson

Senior Advisor, Procurement at GLYNT. Former CPO and Digital Evangelist at Tradeshift and CPO of MetLife.

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