The easiest way to go from documents to data
GLYNT is a unique machine learning system that delivers highly accurate data from the start, reducing costs throughout the workflow by 75 – 80%.

Offered as Data Extraction as a Service, GLYNT is simple to use.
First results in 20 minutes, no coding required.

Bring data in from the edge
GLYNT captures documents directly from scanners faxes and cameras
Documents live in the wild, in silos and with varied formats. GLYNT is the end-to-end solution. Just add compute power to scale
Simplify your workflow with a single vendor for all your documents
GLYNT has “OCR inside” so that all documents get the benefits of our advanced machine learning solution. Stream all of your documents to GLYNT, we’ll take care of the rest.

Train our AI in minutes
Select and name fields.
Use the point & click UI to match data items to field names
Add examples to teach the AI.
Quickly mark a few documents using the point & click UI
Download CSV or JSON files or compare extracted data to the document in the UI

Get clean labeled data from your documents in just few minutes. Simple. Transparent. You are in control

Clear user roles save you time and money
GLYNT is designed for easy access by everyone on the operations team, so you can use the right staff resource every step of the way.
GLYNT is easy to deploy
Try GLYNT out without coding. Manage workflows without coding. Deploy at scale with a simple API integration.

Use the UI

Upload documents Download data (CSV file)
Manage workflows
No coding required

Use the API

Process documents and data at scale

Do it your way
Want help in getting started? What a full-service solution?
Learn more about how GLYNT and its partners can support your journey