We Built the End-to-End Solution for Scope 2 Emissions Data

With years of experience, we know exactly what it takes to deliver emissions data that is accurate, verifiable and speedy.

The Math is Clear

Built with a purpose, GLYNT is the only automated solution for emissions data in the market

GLYNT’s Advanced Technology Conquers Document Variety

Get automated with just a handful of documents
Accurate results in minutes


  • Use 5–7 sample docs
  • Results in minutes
  • Customize your data
  • 95%+ accuracy

Other AI

  • 50–1500 docs required to start
  • Train and tweak for weeks
  • One-size-fits-all results
  • 70 – 80% accuracy

GLYNT Uses ‘Few Shot’ Machine Learning

We built a mathematical model of the document
and then added another layer of machine learning
for customization.

The result is much less work for you.

Learn more about GLYNT’s ’Few Shot’ ML

GLYNT’s Few Shot ML Learns Really Fast

Results from GLYNT’s 2021 Annual Accuracy Review

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After training on just 5 documents GLYNT is highly accurate, 97% and higher.

This is Few Shot ML: Learn fast, update fast. All on a little bit of training data.


Highly Accurate Data is Not Enough

GLYNT handles the entire documents-to-data pipeline

Document and Data Connections

GLYNT is integrated with your document sources and applications.
Our built-in tools eliminate hours of tedious data mapping

GLYNT is a Self-Contained and Elastic Tech Stack

Multiple OCR engines are built in

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Energy and emissions data for businesses everywhere

Accurate • Verifiable
Shareable • Fast