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The first sustainability data service for finance

New Mandates Require Change

GLYNT data leverages existing systems and meets audit standards

The Modern Data Foundation for Climate Disclosures

Limit Reporting and Compliance Risk

Operationalize Sustainability

Manage a New Class of Data

Set up projects, capture data from primary sources, select desired data sets and automate. All from a central hub, easily managed by business teams


Reporting requirements differ by locale, accounting standards are rapidly emerging and reliable data requires internal controls and governance. Rely on GLYNT’s built-in compliance


Investors want the integrated holistic view and the reliability that comes with deeply integrated financial-sustianability processes. It all starts with accurate, actual data


No one wants a new data silo. GLYNT data is ready to flow into your existing enterprise systems, for efficiency and innovation

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Global Market Trends: It's SOX All Over Again



Sustainability Data: The 2023 Strategic Roadmap



The Sustainability Data Framework



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The business of climate is here, with harmonized reporting and clear standards. High-quality data is the first step.

Good for your business. And the planet.


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