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Finance-Grade Emissions Data

Accurate • Verifiable • Shareable • Fast

GLYNT’s transparent and automated system provides the energy and Scope 1 and 2 emissions data that your team can rely on

Finance-Grade Emissions Data is the No-Regrets First Step

With new climate disclosure regulations from the SEC and 14 other countries, there’s a lot of work to do.

GLYNT produces finance-grade data from business invoices and utility bills.
We took on a hard problem, so your team can move on to next steps


A proven system to capture energy invoices from business systems and utility websites


Automated platform delivers structured, consumable data from disparate documents and sources


Monthly updates flow to planning and reporting systems


Better Data for the Planet

How Every Company Can Get Their Emissions Data & Why It’s a Win-Win

The New SEC Regulations Are a Game-Changer

Get smart fast with GLYNT’s thought leadership


Our unique guide to the SEC document combines investor, sustainability and finance needs

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For Finance

What are the new climate risks? What do investors want? And how to get started

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For Property Managers

There’s a new, intense focus on property emissions and risk exposures

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Investors are Looking at Risk and Value in a New Way

Climate disclosures and reduction plans are a now must-have. Get the data you need to meet the demands of compliance and investors.


Build Baselines, Find Hot Spots, Plan Emissions Reductions

It’s a no-brainer to get started with the energy and emissions data you need. GLYNT’s data services make it simple

Select the Right Data Set for Reporting and Action


Historical Baselines and Monthly Emissions

Get site-level energy, water and waste data: Usage, expense & emissions.

26 fields per document


Emissions Reductions,
RECs & Offsets

Get meter-level energy, water and waste data: Usage, expense by type & emissions.

48 fields per document


On-Site Upgrades and Renewables

Get the detailed meter and expense data needed for on-site renewables, green energy contracts and site upgrades.

125+ fields per document

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We Have One Focus:
Finance-Grade Data

GLYNT is committed to producing great data products from primary data sources. Our 8-point checklist for data quality provides the assurance that GLYNT data is reportable and audit-ready.


A Tech Stack Built for Energy Data and Emissions Reporting

Finance-grade data does not happen when complex energy invoices are processed by manual data entry. Options are limited when you don’t own the data. Get the scalable reliable solution from GLYNT.

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The Path to Compliance

The first step to SEC reporting is to gather the data

Get Your Emissions Data

Start here! GLYNT makes it easy

Build the Emissions Baseline

Line up historical data across the portfolio

Build the Reduction Plan

Identify the hot spots, build the business case

Stress-Test Financial Statements for Climate Risk

Integrate your Reduction Plan into the financial forecast

Prepare Data Files for Third-Party Audits

Provide trackbacks from output to primary data sources

Prepare Reports

Accurate data from the start removes disclosure risks

Finance teams need data they can count on. GLYNT provides.

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Energy and emissions data for businesses everywhere

Accurate • Verifiable
Shareable • Fast