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Come from
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GLYNT Delivers a New Type
of Carbon Emissions Data.
Accessible. Verifiable. Speedy.

Scope 2 Emissions data for homes, businesses and communities. Annual baselines and monthly updates in an easy-to-use format.

Get Clear Summary Reports by Property
(And by Meter)

GLYNT provides the data you need to measure, monitor and reduce emissions.

Easy-to-use CSV formats. High-quality and detailed data ready for reporting, auditors, and lenders

Data Ready to Share with
Experts and Your Team

Carbon emissions data are now part of every day business, and everyone wants an update.

Get data in CSV format, ready to create insights and visualizations. Equip your expert advisors.

High-Quality Data that Connects to Action, Financing and Markets

& Reliable

Stop waiting. Get first data in days, and monthly updates after that

Build the
Business Case

Create a profitable plan for emissions reductions with detailed data

Ready for Financing
& Carbon Markets

Share with auditors, lenders and the capital markets

The Demand for Carbon Emissions Data is High

“Green Finance Goes Mainstream, Lining Up Trillions Behind Global Energy Transition”
Wall Street Journal, May 2021

“ESG assets on track to hit $53 trillion by 2025”
Bloomberg New, February, 2021

“Investors are looking for consistent, comparable, and decision-useful disclosures”
Gary Gensler, Chairmen, SEC, March 2021


Emissions Data Starts with Utility Bills

Every property gets water and energy bills. The energy delivered to the site contains emissions.

With 1000s of utilities in the US alone, the energy data gets complicated pretty fast.

GLYNT untangles utility bill data and transforms it into emissions data.

Finally, Emissions Data at Modern Speeds

Utility bills are fairly complex and typically issued as a PDF. With key data trapped, today most utility bill data is processed by hand.

GLYNT uses advanced machine learning to liberate the data from utility bills and transform it into Scope 2 Emissions. Now data moves at the speed of automation.

Get Data that is Ready for Reporting

The Carbon Emissions Data Everyone Needs


It’s simple to get and share carbon emissions data.

For facilities, property managers and owners, sustainability teams or procurement.


Emissions data for your portfolio of homes

For property managers and product and service providers.


Empower your community with data and reduce emissions and expenses.

For community leaders and local governments.


Add valuable data
to your products
and services

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Delivering a new type of carbon emissions data. Accessible, verifiable and speedy.