Transform your documents
into data


GLYNT is a machine learning platform that makes data capture simple and scalable.
GLYNT is highly accurate from the start
Cost savings start with accuracy.* GLYNT quickly delivers great results across a variety of documents
*Straight-Through Processing (STP) Accuracy from recent results, e.g. no human intervention
Get the same great performance for line-item detail
GLYNT provide the data you want, from anywhere on the document. From all your documents
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Why customers choose GLYNT


Get first results in 20 minutes. Similar gain in throughput speed


Elastically scalable, with a simple control panel to manage workflows


The single solution for document variety and file formats


98% straight through processing accuracy. Integrated UI for exceptions

“What took over a month now takes just a few days with GLYNT.”

“GLYNT is the single solution we can take to our range of clients across industries.”

“We turned away business last year because we could not scale. GLYNT is now our backbone for growth

“GLYNT is the fastest path to 100% accuracy.”

From documents to visuals. Only GLYNT delivers

Visualization is the acid test of accuracy. Outliers kill insights.
GLYNT makes these everyday tasks possible
GLYNT is an end-to-end solution. No coding required
GLYNT provides all the tools you need to stay in control of your data. Our integrated UI opens up data mapping, data management and exception handling to non-coders. Our API and Elastic Workbench insure GLYNT will scale with your needs.
GLYNT outperforms alternatives

The business case drives workflow automation. GLYNT’s technical features will accelerate the deployment, speed first results, and deliver a higher ROI.

Speed your documents and data
GLYNT is integrated with your favorite places

Liberate the data in your documents

First data in 20 minutes
98% accuracy from the start
Ready for your variety of documents