Introducing Data Extraction as a Service

Because Documents Need an API

GLYNT is the modern way to extract highly accurate data from complex documents 

Simply upload documents, select desired fields, and GLYNT extracts. Send more documents any time. Data delivered via API

GLYNT’s machine learning system easily handles the enormous variety of structured and semi-structured data

How Much of Your Data is Trapped in PDFs, Scans and Faxes?

GLYNT is a Machine Learning System that Produces
Clean, Labeled Data From Any Document

The Modern Way to Liberate Data

Imagine a single solution for all document types • Imagine a single workflow for small or large document sets • Imagine extraction results in minutes, 24/7 • Imagine a data extraction solution that gets out of your way. Smooth operations. Expand services • Imagine a data extraction solution that puts you in control. Data analysts and support teams can customize extraction and use GLYNT’s tools for complete transparency • Imagine a highly scalable system that delivers the same great results on 20, 20,000 and 20 million documents


That’s GLYNT.

Data Extraction as a Service.

GLYNT is Simple to Use

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Case Study: Healthcare Documents

See GLYNT’s great results
a variety of healthcare documents

Case Study: Data Extraction from Invoices

See how GLYNT provides
accurate data from invoices

White Paper: Total Cost of Ownership

GLYNT delivers better than human performance at
75-80% savings


Excellent performance at every level of use
It takes just minutes to get started or add new types of documents

Only GLYNT delivers the same high performance at all document volumes

GLYNT is Smarter and Easier

EASIER: No more managing multiple technologies. GLYNT is cost competitive for all file formats
SMARTER: Gain the advantage and performance of a powerful machine learning solution for all documents

GLYNT Produces Brilliant Data

Imagine a stream of highly accurate, labeled data flowing from complex documents, ready for use.

With disruptively low costs, enabling data extraction at scale across a variety of documents.

This is Brilliant Data, the output of GLYNT’s advanced machine learning system for extracting unstructured data.

Our technology makes your data assets more valuable.
That is simply brilliant.