The sustainability data you need, your way

GLYNT’s sustainability data-as-a-service prepares your water, waste, energy and emissions data for immediate use in business, financial and carbon accounting systems.

Data is the hardest challenge in sustainability

Rounding up data can take far too long, putting reporting deadlines at risk

Incomplete data is a constant worry, as overuse of estimates or omitting data can lead to penalties

Audit-ready data requires an entirely new data preparation system, tying up key resources for months

Meet GLYNT: The complete data sustainability service

Our certified data service ensures your data is accurate, complete, and auditable. Report and track reduction plans with fresh and granular data for your company, sites and products

GLYNT collects and aggregates sustainability data so you don’t have to

Our customers have been guiding GLYNT’s product build-out for years.
See the features they asked for including Primary Data discovery, data status monitoring, and automated data quality scores.

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GLYNT data feeds into leading applications and platforms

Get a full year of sustainability data in under 90 days

It can be hard to get started with sustainability data and its confusing array of data sources. Break through this maze with GLYNT.

We pull your data together, prepare it in useful formats, and deliver it to your systems. Go from kickoff to a full year of sustainability data in under 90 days, with automated updates after that.

Get actual and complete sustainability data

No one needed sustainability data before, so most business databases don’t have the key inputs. Without other means, reported data is incomplete or estimated.

Get the actual sustainability data with GLYNT. Our data service finds, captures and processes Primary Data, the data from original sources. And we provide automated connectors to business systems and utility sites. Bring disparate data sources together and tell your one data story.

Get data plus end-to-end compliance

Assurance reviews are a new requirement for sustainability data, and it is costly to set up a compliant data preparation systems.

GLYNT tracks data lineage and chain of custody, monitors for data accuracy, context and completeness, and validates data throughout the preparation flow.

GLYNT did the hard work – and had the audit – so you don’t have to.

Customer success stories

Data for Assurance Reporting 

Data for Energy Management

Data for Capital Markets 

5 ways to ROI with GLYNT’s sustainability data service

1. Automated

Save on data prep expense with scalable, automated data services

2. Compliant

Save on the time and cost of building a new data prep system

3. Audit-Ready

Reduce audit expenses with prepared data files, including Primary Data

4. Granular

 Reduce water and energy costs with detailed data at the meter & sub-meter level

5. Verified

Identify operational savings with actual, complete and accurate data

Sustainability data readiness: what’s your maturity level?

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