A New Look for WattzOn.com

These are exciting days at WattzOn and we’re delighted to expand our offerings.

WattzOn started in the utility data capture business. Our product LINK ENERGY has national coverage and serves the top solar and smart home companies. While building out LINK we ran into a problem: How to read utility bill data fast and cheap? The solution is SNAP, our machine learning system to read utility bills. Over the past year we’ve built out SNAP, and now the tagline for WattzOn is “Any utility. Any data.”

And then the phone started ringing from other industries…

Introducing GLYNT

Meet our new offering GLYNT, which brings the same powerful machine learning solution to new markets. GLYNT is a business division of WattzOn. As the graphic shows, the GLYNT system has four components:

• Highly accurate machine learning. GLYNT’s performance surpasses humans.

• Elastic AI Workbench, a complete, self-contained document and data system that allows us to deploy GLYNT behind your firewall within a day.

• Powerful APIs that allow our customers to integrate our machine learning power into their workflows.

• Data Review Tool, a human interface that builds trust and transparency. Designed to speed everyday office tasks in an RPA-type manner. Designed to remove the blackbox of AI.

Here at WattzOn we’ve been processing data for years, and it shows in the design of GLYNT. Life can be tough, data should be easy. 🙂 A huge shoutout to our software development team, they’ve built an industry leading product.

As we make this important change, we’d love to hear from you. Take a look at our websites. Give us a shout.

Enjoy the fall,