Holmdel, New Jersey (February 12, 2020) – etherFAX today announced its partnership with GLYNT.AI, a leading provider of advanced machine learning solutions that transform documents into data. The strategic partnership will allow etherFAX and GLYNT.AI to accelerate interoperability within the healthcare industry, enabling data to be exchanged, interpreted, and utilized cohesively.

etherFAX’s secure document delivery solutions leverage the Internet to send and receive business-critical documents, protected health information (PHI), and high-resolution digital content directly to healthcare applications. Through the integration with GLYNT, etherFAX will classify and route documents while liberating data previously trapped in customers’ applications and intelligent workflows. GLYNT will transform faxes into clean labeled data, e.g. key-value pairs, ready for use by RPA providers, solution providers, and in-house teams orchestrating end-to-end intelligent workflows. This joint solution tackles one of the biggest challenges with workflow automation – opening up the silos of trapped data in paper and fax documents for downstream use.

“GLYNT connects documents to the modern digital enterprise,” said Martha Amram, CEO of GLYNT.AI, “delivering clean, labeled data ready for use in big data, analytics, business intelligence, and artificial intelligence applications. Now, anyone who receives a fax can receive data too. Our partners and customers are delighted to see GLYNT partner with etherFAX to bring documents in from the edge.”

Fax use in healthcare continues to grow at 9% per year, and as Seema Varna, CMS Administrator has stated, “…Health care providers are in a 1990’s time warp… where doctors are faxing patient records, medical staff are manually entering results into EHRs, hospitals are handing out CD-ROMs…”

“Through our partnership, GLYNT.AI and etherFAX now offer the healthcare industry’s first path to interoperability that starts directly from paper and faxes,” said Paul Banco, CEO of etherFAX. “We’re excited to integrate this new service into our network and our mobile applications which will deliver data directly from users’ photos of healthcare documents.”

etherFAX and GLYNT.AI will be showcasing their joint solution at the HIMSS Global Healthcare Conference and Exhibition on March 9-13, 2020 in Orlando, FL at Booth #941. Conference attendees will be able to fax paper healthcare documents directly from their phone or the booth’s fax machine and will receive the document and data in their email inbox within seconds. For an interactive experience, results will also be shown live on the booth’s monitors.


GLYNT connects document data to the modern digital enterprise with just a few clicks or an API call. An advanced “few shot” machine learning system, GLYNT extracts data from loosely structured documents such as forms, lab reports and invoices and delivers clean, labeled data to downstream applications and databases. GLYNT’s prebuilt applications enable a simple user experience — “Documents in, Data out” — making document data as simple as any other data source. New or customized applications are easily built in minutes using GLYNT’s no-code UI. GLYNT provides production-quality data from the start, averaging 98% accuracy. GLYNT is used in healthcare, financial services, supply chain and energy verticals. Learn more at

About etherFAX

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