As we race to the close of 2021, GLYNT is getting a lot of customer inquiries about “rush jobs” on carbon emissions data. Our response: No Problem.  

GLYNT can deliver finance-grade Scope 2 emissions data ready for reporting in just a few days or weeks. With automation and advanced machine learning, GLYNT speeds highly accurate and transparent data flows, with complete trackback to the original source document. GLYNT data is ready for CFO reviews. 

The key factor in data delivery is coordination with your team to make sure we’ve got all the source data delivered to us. This typically takes a bit of back and forth, but pays off: 2021 data in a few weeks, 2022 data in a day!

Here are three ways GLYNT can speed the delivery of your emissions data:

#1 Send GLYNT the Blob.

Got a stack of utility bills? Just send them to GLYNT. We’ll sort them out by utility vendor and property site, delivering structured data back to you.

#2 Scans and Photos are No Problem.

GLYNT processes all digital formats with the same great technology. Send in your photos of bills, scans of paper bills and PDFs. Landlord bills are also no problem.

# Get Data Back in Your Preferred Reporting Formats.

We’ve seen it all… so many output formats and variants. So chances are we have already built the format(s) you need. Talk to us about our five levels of data. You’ll always get your best fit.

Your 2021 rush job is no problem, let’s talk!