We’re delighted to welcome Roy Anderson to the GLYNT team! Roy will be joining GLYNT as a Senior Advisor, focused on the procurement vertical.

With a distinguished career in procurement – serving as Chief Procurement Officer for Tradeshift, MetLife, John Hancock and State Street – Roy has played a strategic role in digitizing the supply chain at these organizations. For a fun and in-depth look at Roy’s perspective on the path forward for digitalization, take a look a profile of Roy at Spend Matters.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Roy in recent months”, said Martha Amram, CEO of GLYNT.  “He has a unique blend of practical, advocacy and vision. Everyone who knows Roy will know what I’m talking about.”

“For over 30 years digitalizing the supply chain has been the goal. Yet industry analysts point out that even today in 2021, 70% of invoices submitted are in paper and PDF format.  Obviously there is a strong role for GLYNT’s advanced documents-to-data solution to complete the digitalization.  Roy’s experience and perspective helps GLYNT shape the strategy for change.  We’re just delighted to have him join GLYNT.”

GLYNT is focused on delivering a new type of carbon emissions data: Accessible, Verifiable and Speedy.  GLYNT offers the industry’s only automated solution for Scope 2 Emissions data from property sites solving a top challenge for procurement professionals, facility managers and energy managers. The demand for emissions data is exploding, with Bloomberg forecasting that one-fourth of global assets, $53T, will be reporting their emissions by 2025.

Learn more about GLYNT’s solution for high-quality Scope 2 Emissions data