MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA (March 27, 2019)

GLYNT.AI, a SaaS provider of text and data extraction services, today announced it has achieved Advanced Technology Partner status in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN). AWS Advanced Technology Partners provide software solutions that are hosted on or integrated on AWS. To achieve Advanced Technology Partner status, GLYNT had to meet strict criteria for following architectural best practices for designing reliable, secure, efficient, and cost-effective systems on the AWS cloud.

“With the Advanced Technology Partner status we can accelerate the growth of our partnerships with integrated solution providers, resellers and others who rely on AWS to bring forward innovative solutions such as GLYNT’s text and data extraction from documents,” said Martha Amram, CEO of GLYNT. “GLYNT’s advanced machine learning solution quickly achieves near-perfect accuracy after training on just a handful of documents; delivers clean, labeled data ready for structured databases; and is easily integrated into automated document workflows. With OCR inside, GLYNT accepts PDFs, scans and faxes. Enterprise customers and the APN ecosystem will be immediately able to deploy GLYNT’s data extraction service on AWS.”

“GLYNT needed a powerful and scalable system infrastructure capable of supporting the millions of documents and accompanying models that our customers demand,” said Sandra Carrico VP of Engineering and Chief Data Scientist. “AWS offers the tools and reliability that allowed us to build our elastic AI workbench infrastructure.”

GLYNT is an end-to-end solution for delivering accurate data from fields in forms, invoices, utility bills, medical records and financial statements. With an integrated UI, setup on GLYNT is quick, and the first extraction results are achieved in under an hour with no coding required. GLYNT’s straight-through processing averages 98% accuracy, and GLYNT’s integrated UI enables teams to target any errors or exceptions, bringing the data quality up to the 100% accuracy rates required by highly demanding applications.

GLYNT’s Data Extraction as a Service is available today as a SaaS business model. Start your Free Trial at


GLYNT liberates data trapped in your documents. A unique machine learning system, GLYNT delivers 98% accuracy after training on just a few samples.  Results in under an hour with no coding.  GLYNT is offered via a SaaS model, eg Data Extraction as a Service. GLYNT’s multi-tenant solution enables each customer to preserve the value of their documents and data, and comply with modern data governance requirements. With OCR inside, GLYNT is used on PDFs, scans and faxes. GLYNT is used in accounting, energy, finance and healthcare. Learn more at