Badge for IDC Innovators for 2024

We’re delighted to announce that GLYNT.AI has been named an IDC Innovator! IDC Innovators are selected based on demonstrating a groundbreaking business model, innovative new technology, or both.

The IDC report highlights the role of sustainability data in manufacturing. The sector’s particular needs are accurate, fresh, and granular data, for use in supply chain and product-level sustainability reporting. Jan Burian, the author of the IDC report notes:

“Digital technology is crucial for manufacturing and logistics organizations to gain a competitive edge. Therefore, it is worth watching the early steps of vendors with innovative initiatives that go beyond traditional boundaries to establish digital platforms for managing production operations data, transferring energy flexibly, and addressing sustainability.”

GLYNT.AI, The Sustainability Data Company, specializes in sustainability data preparation, producing environmental and carbon data as rigorously as financial data. The IDC award recognizes GLYNT’s leading role in delivering structured, harmonized audit-ready data from hugely varied source data scattered across enterprise systems.

Check out the report here


GLYNT is The Sustainability Data Company, producing investor-grade data for businesses around the world. Our audit-ready sustainability data enables accurate reporting, operational efficiencies and access to financial capital. With a purpose-built machine learning system, GLYNT is the automated solution for all types of water, waste, energy and emissions data. Speed work, lower costs, and power ESG, carbon accounting and other business systems with accurate, actual data from GLYNT. Learn more at