Based on customer feedback, we’ve prepared a suite of short sessions to help you and your team become a certified GLYNT user. The online class takes just a few hours, and at the end there is a short test. If you pass, we issue a certificate, and membership in the GLYNT Guild.

Online training covers the document-to-data pipeline, highlighting how to make the most of the GLYNT platform. Attendees in recent class sessions ran the gamut from C-suite execs and senior management to data analysts and software engineers. We learned from these experiences and put best practices into our online course.

Included in the online course are videos, reference PDFs and “cheat sheets” for your easy reference.

The GLYNT Guild training program is a one stop shop for anyone interested in becoming a GLYNT expert. To find out more about the program and online or class training services, please contact us with the form below.

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