Supporting Seamless Customer Onboarding for Field Sales and Online Self-Serve Applications

Gather key customer data in seconds through mobile data capture from documents


August 15, 2019. MOUNTAIN VIEW, California.   –  GLYNT, a leading provider of AI-powered data capture solutions, announced the release of its first application of streaming mobile data capture.  The application is a point-of-sale solution for field sales teams in energy, home improvement and cleantech markets, where providing clean, labeled data in seconds leads to customized proposals and rapid financing approvals. The streaming mobile data capture application demonstrates the GLYNT platform capabilities for classifying, routing and indexing documents with data extraction in a turnkey solution. Similar applications can be customized, developed and managed through GLYNT’s services.

GLYNT’s streaming application supports the consumer’s online on-boarding journey with a simple user experience and speedy data extraction. Field sales teams can use GLYNT on supported devices to get highly accurate data in seconds. GLYNT is an advanced machine learning system that averages 98% accuracy (straight-through processing) and an integrated review mode for exception handling.

“Many companies have found it key to capture data from documents in the field, meeting potential customers where they are at.  Mobile data capture solutions are critically important for converting leads into customers, and for instantly offering customized plans that meet customer needs and secure profitable operations,” said Martha Amram, CEO of GLYNT.AI. “We delighted to bring our first streaming use case to market, opening up a new way to engage with consumers.”

For its first use case, GLYNT has a streaming data service, SNAP, which uses a library of pre-trained machine learning models to automatically extract utility bill data from pdfs and images from supported devices. A new document type or utility is easily added to the library, enabling complete coverage of all forms and documents.  Extracted data is delivered to customers via API in seconds, ready for integration into CRM, ERP and custom software tools.  To demonstrate GLYNT’s streaming data extraction capabilities SNAP is pre-trained for residential utility bills and is offered under the WattzOn brand.

“We built SNAP to help our customers smooth their sales experience.” said David Nelson, Director of Product Management at GLYNT.AI. “Our years of market experience have shown that adding the option of data capture from a single utility bill in paper or pdf form increases consumer engagement and sales conversion rates. I’m delighted that our powerful machine learning system can be applied to this important use case. GLYNT can be used in a similar manner in other markets, taking in a stream of important customer documents, turning them into useful data and opening up new sales opportunities for all of our customers.”

Learn more about SNAP here.



GLYNT liberates data trapped in your documents. A unique machine learning system, GLYNT delivers 98% accuracy after training on just a few samples.  Results in under an hour with no coding.  GLYNT is offered via a SaaS model, eg Data Extraction as a Service, and can be configured for customized streaming applications. GLYNT’s multi-tenant solution enables each customer to preserve the value of their documents and data, and comply with modern data governance requirements. With OCR inside, GLYNT is used on PDFs, scans and faxes. GLYNT is used in accounting, energy, finance and healthcare. Learn more at