It has been nearly a year since ChatGPT burst on the scene, and while generative AI is experiencing explosive growth, its business future is still under debate. Generative AI is incredibly powerful with an easy-to-use interface, but business leaders know that their corporate “gold” is the unique data they have in their enterprise systems.

It is not clear how large generative AI models fit within the corporate firewalls nor how these intensely data-hungry models can exploit the data in enterprise systems to a competitive advantage. Surprisingly, one path forward comes from sustainability data.

Data and algorithms go hand in hand in the world of AI. While the valuation pendulum is currently focused on algorithms, value swings back to data over time. Computer scientist Peter Norvig is commonly attributed with saying: “More data beats clever algorithms, but better data beats more data.”

Sustainability data, when prepared to meet reporting standards, can be far more accurate than the data currently in enterprise systems. Better data from sustainability can make AI algorithms more valuable to the enterprise.

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