We’re delighted to announce a new podcast series, the GLYNT View.  Featuring animated conversations with CEO Martha Amram and Chief Revenue Officer Chieng Moua, the GLYNT View is an informative and engaging take on the key business opportunities for carbon emissions data.

Here’s an introduction to the first four episodes:

Episode 1: Unlocking Emissions Data Through Utility Bills

With the recent SEC draft regulations, Scope 2 emissions are now front and center. Learn more about how GLYNT has solved two tough problems in this area: How to get the data off the bill and how to harmonize all the varied jargon and regulatory-speak used by utilities around the world.

Watch Episode 1 here »

Episode 2: From Data to Action: Got My Carbon Emissions, Now What?

Host Syya Yasotornrat takes a practical view and puts Chieng and Martha to the test. How can carbon emission data be used to take action and how can cities and businesses actually profit from their data?

Watch Episode 2 here »

Episode 3: Consumers and Communities: Profits to the People From Emissions Data

Let’s break through the myth that responding to climate change is costly. Instead think: Get data, make money. This episode of The GLYNT View talks is all about putting back into the pockets of residents and the communities they live in. If everyone benefits, the flywheel of change accelerates.

Watch Episode 3 here »

Episode 4: Creating the Case for Sustainability Within Buildings

GLYNT’s Board Member, Christine Ervin, was the first President and CEO of the US Green Building Council, the organization that created and manages the LEED rating system for buildings. Join Christine and GLYNT’s CRO Chieng Moua to learn more about how this voluntary standard was set up and its impact on the building industry supply chain.

Watch Episode 4 here »

Stay tuned for more episodes of the GLYNT View  If you want to suggest a topic, reach out. We’re always happy to hear your questions and suggestions. And if you’d like to be featured on the GLYNT View, reach out.
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