Data trapped in pdfs, scans, and faxes is trapped. Introducing GLYNT, Data Extraction as a Service.

GLYNT provides highly accurate results with very little training data: It takes just 7 documents to train GLYNT. Accuracy is typically better than 98%.

Last week John Doerr, the noted investor at Kleiner Perkins, spoke about the problem of trapped data in healthcare. Many technology companies are interested in AI and analytics to cure disease and improve health outcomes, but first they need access to data, which remains locked up in formats computers can’t access or read. Doerr, a board member at Google and an original investor in Amazon, stated:

“My dream is to bring the efficiency of the ad words market to value-based care, to the health care markets,” Doerr said. “It’ll be harder because the data is literally incarcerated.”

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