Getting access to utility bill data can be frustrating. The bills are posted to websites, sent as paper mailings, or sit in a big PDF pile somewhere… This capture friction defeats the best intended sales process. And yet, that account number or kWh data is so important.
For years the hope has been to make this capture easy–so easy that you can simply take a photo of the bills with your phone. Now it’s a reality.
Recent testing by GLYNT shows that accuracy is now much higher than in the past, and the quality of captured data is about the same as a PDF. With GLYNT’s world-class accuracy, this means photos are now a great way to get the data you need. Whether via door-to-door sales, kitchen table consultations, online uploads and more, it’s easy to capture photos wherever you are.
The user action is simple and quite similar to taking a photo of a check. Get all four corners in the picture and keep the camera level to the paper. That’s it! As you can see from our sample photo, people are not perfect. The photographer created a shadow, had a tilt to the document and did not hold the camera perfectly level. Good news: No problem! Computer vision has improved so much in the past few years that GLYNT captured the data just fine.
Talk to GLYNT about getting accurate data from utility bills, however they come in. Including photos from phones.

Photos don’t need to be perfect – GLYNT captures the data just fine.