2023 has witnessed a tsunami of disclosure standards for carbon accounting and sustainability. It has been difficult to keep up. So a huge round of applause for the EU’s latest disclosure, a spreadsheet!

The ESRS is the method used to file under EU regulations; it makes the CSRD operational. Last week the EU clarified exactly what is needed for the ESRS. Download the spreadsheet here.

And be ready: the EU is also moving to a standardized digital format, known as XRBL. This means that every company filing the CSRD will see their data in a publicly accessible database.

Take a look at the spreadsheet and notice how many times a filer must disclose the use of estimated data. These metrics help data users understand the quality of data they are reviewing. And build a company’s reputation for data quality.

The bottom line: Your 1000 points of data will be shared with the world. You need actual, accurate, complete, auditable sustainability data.