In 2009, the US Congress passed the American Rescue and Recovery Act (ARRA) in response to the Great Recession. It contained $90 billion for clean energy measures. Today, clean energy measures in a series of bills passed by the U.S. Congress sum up to more than $1 trillion, say analysts from the Inevitable Policy Response Institute (IPR). The size of clean energy spending has snuck up on all of us, as have the implications.

“The Clean $1 Trillion dwarfs historical precedents”

In three recent bills, Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), Infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act (IIJA) and the CHIPS & Science Act, contain funding for various aspects of clean energy measures. The funding is both urgent – must be spent quickly – and persistent, lasting 20 years in some cases. Together, this is an enduring policy initiative.

“With most funding starting in January 2023, IRA spending will incentivise a furious pace for business and investors”

And as the authors point out, there may be some amazing consequences. $495 million of that first $90 billion was loaned to Tesla in its early days. The loan was repaid in full and today Tesla is a leading electric car maker, and valued at $640B. The Clean $1 Trillion is at the scale that it could sponsor 10 Teslas, creating entirely new industries and transforming the private sector of the US economy.
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