We’re delighted to announce a completely updated website for GLYNT! Of course this is hours and hours of work by our team, but more importantly, it reflects GLYNT’s key role in the ESG, carbon accounting and sustainability reporting landscape,

Our hero image and tagline has two key phrases:

The sustainability data you need.

All too often key carbon accounting or enterprise software says “Upload your CSV” or “we’ll provide an automated connector.” Then you, the customer, are left to do the hard work! GLYNT solves this problem. We know what data you need to meet the reporting requirements and where it is. We make getting started a lot easier.

Your way.

GLYNT customers send the sustainability data we prepare to many different systems. So we’re good at data customization. Our goal is to help you leverage the software you already have.

Take a look at the updated GLYNT website. Find the data service you need. Rely on GLYNT for accurate, complete and auditable data.

And tell us your sustainability data story! Perhaps we can help.