MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA (February 9, 2018)

WattzOn, a woman owned and operated company, announces the availability of Mr Bill, an advanced machine learning solution that converts static documents, including utility bills, insurance claims and healthcare records, into structured data. The data is then ready for use in consumer applications, customized proposals and data management.

“Corporations have valuable data stored in static formats. In the past converting to a usable digital format from static copy relied on technologies that led to manual data entry or labor intensive data clean up of other automated solutions. The results have been inaccurate and expensive data,” said Martha Amram, CEO of WattzOn. “Our web based software product, Mr Bill, is a solution to this process.

“With the advantage of machine learning systems, WattzOn liberates data from static formats. Mr Bill captures critical data with a high rate of accuracy and delivers operational efficiencies. In addition, WattzOn has built a software system to enable Mr Bill, integrating elastic cloud support to respond quickly to volume demand. Previously it took an eight-hour day to process thousands of documents. Now it’s done in minutes.”

WattzOn developed Mr Bill for use in the solar and energy markets, where utility bill data is used to personalize consumer engagement, and to manage energy expenses by both local and multi-state companies. Mr Bill offers low initial costs per utility vendor, needing fewer than 50 sample documents for setup. Mr Bill is adaptive to changes in bill layouts, leading to a highly automated system with low maintenance costs.

The flexibility and low startup cost for using WattzOn’s Mr Bill makes it easily applicable to other industries, in particular healthcare. The healthcare industry is challenged with transferring static documents to electronic medical records and insurance claims processes. WattzOn’s Mr Bill empowers the healthcare industry to use the trapped data for research, population studies and to automate back office processes.

About Mr Bill

Mr Bill uses an innovative suite of machine learning models to quickly and accurately extract data, and is supported by a software system that manages and tunes models, production workflow and an elastic cloud infrastructure, and thus is a strong foundation for other AI initiatives. Mr Bill is available through a SaaS software license to enterprise customers in energy and healthcare.

About WattzOn

WattzOn is woman led company, headquartered in Mountain View, California. The management team is led by Martha Amram, CEO and Sandra Carrico, VP of Engineering and Chief Data Scientist.

WattzOn provides utility bill data for digital energy and digital healthcare solutions. With the energy industry’s leading technology platform, WattzOn’s data services cover 50 states and 94 million homes. The company’s product, Mr Bill, an advanced machine learning system that extracts data from static documents has accuracy rates that exceed human data entry as well as very low set up costs, making it a natural fit for markets with fragmented data sources and high data volumes. WattzOn’s customers include market leaders in solar, smart home, storage and commercial utility bill management.