As recession fears loom, everyone is looking for their sales advantage. Well… talk to your chief sustainability officer. Ask that person how many sales calls they have been on at the end of June, discussing your company’s emissions report. In many cases it is the only way to qualify for a contract with the prospective customer.

Yes, the sustainability team is now part of the sales close process. We’re hearing this from GLYNT customer after customer. And sustainability teams are worried they can’t scale to handle the volume.

The answer is an emissions data strategy, including ready-to-disclose data, FAQs and accessible reports. And get your data audited by a third party!

Wondering how to get started? GLYNT has an easy three-step process:

Get Started with GLYNT

Get your Scope 1 and 2 emissions data from primary sources. Fast. Accurate. Organized. Done




“GLYNT-ify” Your Data for Up to 10 Sites


  • Two-week POC
  • Click on the Starter Package at AWS Marketplace
  • or Contact GLYNT



A Recurring Data Service for Your Sites


  • Purchase at AWS Marketplaces
  • Or contact GLYNT
  • Get all sites up and running in 60 to 90 days



Quick Onboarding Automated Workflows


  • Dedicated onboarding team
  • Historical baselines
  • Automated maintenance
  • SOX compliant data
  • 70% savings on emissions data prep