Calling All Innovators:
Use Our Technology to Fix the Covid Test Results System

This article is a call out to healthcare and software innovators. Help us solve the problem of slow Covid test results. We can’t do the lab work, but we can speed data.

Here’s the ask: GLYNT.AI and our partner etherFAX have 2 of the 3 components needed for an immediate solution to slow and broken data flows for Covid test results. We need partners to help us get the technology into the hands of the folks who need it.

With Covid rates still rising, speedy test data is an urgent need. GLYNT and etherFAX are ready to go today. Contact us! Let’s quickly deliver the data solution that helps the U.S. reduce the spread of Covid and get back to normal.

Like many Americans, we were alarmed to read about the broken data flows for Covid 19 testing and results. As a recent New York Times article pointed out, “The data is moving slower than the disease.” All the broken steps add up, with test results being delivered 11 to 14 days after testing, too late for disease management.

But frankly we were not surprised. Our company, GLYNT.AI has built a software product for exactly this challenge. We use AI to accurately transform documents into data. Give us a pdf, fax, or scan, and our AI technology returns clean, labelled data. You want the Patient Name? GLYNT returns “Jane Smith.”

So, as you can imagine, we’ve seen a lot of antiquated systems. Our job is to use the legacy systems as they are, add GLYNT technology, and easily connect the data that was previously trapped in documents to other data and systems.

At low Covid test volumes, the existing data connections were working for 90% of the flow. But now, every healthcare system is doing testing at a vastly larger scale. This has introduced a lot of frictions, such as lost faxes, missing data, and more manual data entry.

One source of friction is the fax machine; as the New York Times described, this antiquated office appliance is still being asked to process millions of documents daily.

The Harris County Public Health
department’s overworked fax machine.
Source: NY Times, July 13, 2020

But, there is a modern solution for all of these frictions. GLYNT is integrated and partnered with etherFAX, which provides a modern, secure fax platform. Together GLYNT and etherFAX have two of the three pieces needed to break through the testing bottleneck. We can send and receive faxes reliably, with validation of receipt. We can capture all the data available on the Covid test documents. We can stream that data and the original documents to their next destination, digitally.

Give us a test center or healthcare entity, and we can configure and customize the solution to your local needs. We can set it up in just a few days.

Here’s a quick video of the GLYNT + etherFAX solution in action.

BUT: We need help. We need innovators to connect the stream of data produced from our technologies to the right database, and to route documents to the right recipient. Together we can organize and tag the data for insightful analytics, deliver test results more quickly, and create the stream of data epidemiologists need to quickly update and refine their models. Working together, we can reduce the part of the testing backlog that arises from slow data.
If you are a company or innovator that can help, Contact Us!
Our request is specific: We have the technology to speed Covid test data flows. It works. Help us put these technologies into the hands of the folks who need it now. Together we can speed data and bring Covid 19 rates down.

The continuing pandemic is our call to action.
Faster data flows save lives.
Let’s make this happen.

Martha Amram, Ph.D
Paul Banco