We’re delighted to announce that GLYNT.AI has been nominated for an Edison Award! This award recognizes and honors innovation and excellence in the development, marketing and launch of new products and services. Finalists will be announced in 2021.

The Edison Award evaluation criteria speaks volumes about what it takes to deliver innovation. And it is amazing to see how the struggles and insights from the time of Thomas Edison apply today:

  • Concept – The Award team looks for innovations that not only address a need and solve a problem, but also seize an opportunity and create a new market or industry. And true to Edison’s work, the Edison Awards is interested in how discovery, collaboration, iteration, and prototyping contributed to the product.
  • Value – Value was a primary driver for Edison’s innovations. The Award team looks for innovations that satisfy an existing need or creates a new need that is not currently available in the market, and the criteria includes product differentiation and distinct game-changing advantages.
  • Delivery – Edison was not only an accomplished innovator, but also a great communicator, marketer and master of delivery. How is the message and broader story of the innovation communicated in clear and compelling ways?
  • Impact – Edison devoutly believed that real innovation not only demonstrated commercial success, but also impacted the world in meaningful ways. The Award team looks for immediate and long term impact of innovations on the environment and society as a whole.

In the nomination process, GLYNT chose to focus on our sustainability impact, summarized by “A Smart Grid Needs Smart Utility Bills.” As many of you know, GLYNT built our machine learning system for our own needs, to read utility bills automatically. Then other industries came calling and our reach expanded. But rest assured, we have not left the energy world, and today GLYNT is the only AI-powered automated utility bill data offering. And yes, as AI tends to do, we’re disrupting the industry.

Without utility bill data it is difficult to build the business cases for the thousands of companies and properties that want to attach clean energy to their site. With that data, transactions flow more quickly, and can be verified and financed. When sustainability and capital markets are aligned, real change can happen. GLYNT enables that vision.

Thank you Edison Awards! The true spirit of innovation is thoughtful and celebrated throughout the entire nomination process.