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Episode 154:
Confronting Climate Disclosures with Intelligent Automation

The New CFO Challenge: Climate Risk

Climate change has become a key variable for the investor community as they believe climate transition costs will be volatile and rising for decades under all policy scenarios. In the face of this, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US has proposed new climate disclosure regulations that will undoubtedly make climate risk an even bigger priority for CFOs. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Chieng Moua, Chief Revenue Officer of GLYNT, who explains how his company can help companies use intelligent automation to address the new regulations and actively manage their climate risk exposure.

Here’s what we talked with Chieng about:

  • Overview of GLYNT, a Blue Prism technology alliance partner
  •  The new (proposed) SEC climate disclosure reporting requirements and the impact they will have on companies in the US
  • What makes the climate disclosures spelled out by these new SEC regulations so complicated to fulfill
  • Why climate risk has become a priority for CFOs
  • Why it is becoming more important for companies to fully disclose their climate risks and policies
  • How climate disclosures are affecting CFOs in other regions of the world
  • GLYNT’s solution for climate disclosures – ML Data as a Service – to produce finance-grade carbon emission data
  • How GLYNT and Blue Prism work together to make the end-to-end intelligent automation solution for climate disclosures even better

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