From “Hello GLYNT!” to Reportable Data in Just 4 Weeks

2022 has started with a bang, including anxiety about 2021 Scope 2 Emissions Data.

Are you getting heartburn over your 2021 data? If you are wondering how to round up the bills… then get them all organized.. then produce accurate data… and then assemble it for CEO and CFO review… Talk to GLYNT. We can take the pain away.

GLYNT is an automated end-to-end solution for Scope 2 data. Using advanced AI, our system reads almost every utility bill with 99% accuracy. You’ll get complete coverage for all of your sites. And our data is finance-grade, ready for reporting, audits and due diligence.

Scope 2 emissions is a hard data problem. GLYNT solves this problem so you can run analytics, insights and emission reduction planning.

Imagine your day with Scope 2 Emissions data you can count on. That day is only 4 weeks away.