WattzOn, the leading software platform for business partners to engage consumers in energy engagement and savings, announced the availability of a suite of software tools to gather consumer utility billing data. WattzOn’s years of experience yields reliable connections to electric and gas utility bills for more than 200 utilities serving greater than 90% of U.S. homes. Interval and third-party data access integration is also available, including PG&E’s ShareMyData.

“WattzOn invested in this suite of data connections because we know that utility data is difficult to obtain, yet makes a big difference for our business partners,” said Martha Amram, CEO of WattzOn. “We offer consumer-granted data access; the first data grab typically acquires one year of billing history from electric and gas utilities. We update this data as new bills become available. This ease of service allows partners to accelerate sales, track results and target customers for additional offers. WattzOn has used these data tools for years, and we’re delighted to now offer them to our business partners.”

The utility data connection library continues the expansion of EnergyCenter, WattzOn’s web and mobile platform for residential energy engagement and savings. EnergyCenter is offered under a SaaS license. The white-label business model enables WattzOn’s partners in solar, energy efficiency and retail energy markets to easily expand and differentiate their offerings.

WattzOn’s utility data connections address a market gap: Green Button, the data access program promoted by the White House and DOE, has stalled; meanwhile, utilities continue to have a large variety of bill and usage data presentations. WattzOn manages the presentation variety and creates a single, national database of consumer residential utility data, uniquely enabling business partners to conduct multi-state and national product launches. If available, interval data (hourly or 15-minute) can also be acquired.

Pricing for monthly utility billing begins at under $1 per meter per month, with discounts available at high volumes.

About WattzOn

WattzOn provides web and mobile tools that help people and communities save energy and money and is currently being used in 47 States. Our platform combines software, powerful data analytics and local branding to engage residents by translating utility data into an interesting, personalized experience that delivers energy savings. WattzOn supports local programs and business partners — with their variety of strategies and goals — via a rich set of customization options. The platform connects to more than 200 utilities nationwide to enable data-driven targeting and tracking of energy use, savings, and savings opportunities. Product features include an energy rebate database by zip code and program-level reporting that quantifies community energy savings. Learn more at wattzon.com.