MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA  (October 07, 2015)

WattzOn, which provides web and mobile tools to help people and communities save energy, announced today the launch of a new service that provides “NegaWatts” (energy savings), at a lower cost than energy. The service guarantees a specified quantity of energy savings, thus turning NegaWatts into a reliable energy source. In partnership with Minol USA and Balfour Beatty Communities, the program launched this week at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri.

Residents in Fort Leonard Wood military housing will receive energy insights and personalized savings tips through the WattzOn platform, with Minol providing meter data management and customer support. Balfour Beatty Communities, the property manager, will realize a lower energy expense because the energy savings, the NegaWatts, are provided at a lower cost than the avoided energy and with a minimum savings guarantee.

“In partnership with Minol, we’re excited to launch this new business model for residential energy savings,” said Jon Enberg, VP of Partnerships for WattzOn. “The model eliminates the cost of an energy savings program, and allows Balfour Beatty Communities to better serve their residents. We see enormous potential with other entities that procure energy on behalf of residential customers because NegaWatts are cheaper than energy. Previously, WattzOn and Balfour Beatty were recipients of a grant from the Department of Energy that demonstrated our expertise on how to engage residents and deliver savings. Now we’re taking the model a step further, removing cost and risk for our business partners.”

WattzOn guarantees a minimum of 5% energy savings with additional savings accruing to the business partner, Balfour Beatty, for on-base investments that improve the quality of life for military family residents. The key to the business model is that the cost of the NegaWatts, is less than the cost of energy.

“We’re delighted to work with WattzOn and Balfour Beatty on this innovative program,” said Andrian Basson, Vice President of Operations, at Minol USA. “Through the current OSD and DA RCI Utility Conservation Program, we see soldiers and their families wanting to do their part to be good stewards about our nation’s energy. This service will further enhance the program, bring value to our military housing partners and, equally important, further our goal to continually increase the satisfaction of the military families we serve.”

“Providing service members and their families with personalized energy usage insights and savings tips will bring value and further enhance our Live Army Green Program,” said Ivan Bolden, Division Chief, Privatization and Partnerships. “These services reinforce our goals to provide Soldiers continued communication and a constant drumbeat.”

About WattzOn

WattzOn provides utility data connections, energy analytics and web and mobile tools that help people and communities save energy and money. With national utility coverage – 90% of US homes – WattzOn has a unique platform that helps communities across the country serve their residents, and helps business partners provide a single user experience in multiple locations. WattzOn’s EnergyCenter app is a white-label SaaS offering that provides communities an immediate software platform for energy savings. Product features include an energy rebate database by zip code and program-level reporting that quantifies community impact. Learn more at

About Minol USA

Minol pioneered the submetering industry more than 65 years ago. Today, it is leading the industry with innovative solutions that help property owners and managers measure, manage, recover and conserve. From meter technologies and utility billing to energy management and water conservation, Minol offers a full suite of solutions that maximize NOI and focus on resident satisfaction for the military, multifamily, and student communities.