Mountain View, Calif., November 10, 2020 – GLYNT.AI Inc, a leader in AI-powered software that transforms documents into data, announced today the general availability of its DIY solution. Combining GLYNT’s ‘Few Shot’ machine learning and a simple user experience, GLYNT’s new offer enables Citizen Users to manage document workflows.

GLYNT’s DIY solution enables business analysts, spreadsheet jockeys and document management teams to quickly gain efficiency and scale when processing incoming documents. With a complete end-to-end solution in a no-code UI, GLYNT is the modern approach to document management. First-time users get results in 20 minutes and enterprise deployments get production-grade results the first week.

“GLYNT has been leading the market with our ‘Few Shot’ approach to machine learning,” said CEO Martha Amram, “and now we have made that powerful AI accessible to anyone. With a self-contained and elastic tech stack, GLYNT is easy to use and easy to deploy at scale. We’re excited to combine these features into a compelling solution for distributed enterprise teams and workflows.”

Key features of GLYNT’s DIY solution include:

  • Complete document management through a no-code UI
  • Automatic classification and routing of incoming documents
  • Complete normalization of the varied data schemas on printed documents
  • Powerful data cleaning and validation checks, including alerts
  • Transformation tools, enabling direct import of GLYNT data into customers’ data systems
  • End-to-end automation for accurate and speedy results

To learn more about GLYNT’s no-code DIY solution, visit


GLYNT.AI is an enterprise SaaS company, and our flagship product, GLYNT, transforms documents into data. GLYNT is an advanced ‘Few Shot’ machine learning system, with just 3 – 5 documents needed for customization (training). GLYNT delivers highly accurate data from the start, averaging 98% accuracy STP. Built on a self-contained and elastic tech stack, and easily accessible via API or a no-code UI, GLYNT brings the power of an advanced and scalable AI system to Citizen Users everywhere. Customers use GLYNT in energy, procurement, healthcare and fintech verticals. To learn more visit