GLYNT: The Lowest TCO for Data Extraction

GLYNT announces the release of Data Extraction as a Service: The Total Cost of Ownership, a white paper providing a detailed analysis of the cost of data extraction. The analysis compares GLYNT to AWS Textract, Zonal OCR and other technologies. Key findings are: GLYNT...

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GLYNT’s 2019 Forecast: AI as a Service

As we wrap up a busy 2018, here's our look ahead at the top five trends for the business of AI: 1) AI as a Service. From the title alone, it's easy to recognize that buying a small piece of AI functionality is far easier to implement than hiring and building an...

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Is Your Data Incarcerated?

Data trapped in pdfs, scans, and faxes is trapped. Introducing GLYNT, Data Extraction as a Service. GLYNT provides highly accurate results with very little training data: It takes just 7 documents to train GLYNT. Accuracy is typically better than 98%. Last week John...

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1.B healthcare documents are sent every year. Let’s get that data liberated!

Automate data from invoices. 10X increase in velocity with GLYNT

Over 2.5 trillion PDFs are created each year. How much of your data is trapped?


There are more than 75,000 utilities in the US. GLYNT connects bills to your platform


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