Aligning Finance and Sustainability Through Data & Reporting

Thursday June 27, 2024
8am PDT/5pm CET

In the past, sustainability data has been prepared in a silo, separately from other company disclosures. But without integration to financial data, it is hard to have confidence that all of the sustainability data has been captured and rigorously prepared – a key element of current assurance requirements. And with upcoming financial reporting standards requiring integrated financial-sustainability reporting, many companies are already moving towards this gold standard. Join two finance-sustainability experts for an introduction to Integrated Reporting at this webinar hosted by GLYNT.AI. CEO Martha Amram, Ph.D, will be joined by Jennifer Loughridge of Loughridge Transformations, and in an informal Q&A session they’ll cover the landscape. Learn more about Integrated Reporting, including the four operational actions to plan for:
  • Know the Rules: Understand the requirements of CSRD and IFRS, including the difference between the combined vs integrated reporting requirements
  • Use Your Data & Reports Internally: Learn how to use your data for business decisions and build internal confidence before external reporting.
  • Auditability: Discover systematic methods for preparing audit-ready data and what to expect from auditors.
  • Tie Your Data to Other Systems: Learn the value of connected data flows for consistent communication on ESG KPIs.
A new GLYNT white paper, “Integrated Financial-Sustainability Reporting: The What, Why and How,” will be available to webinar attendees.

Meet the Speakers

Martha Amram, Ph.D, CEO, GLYNT.AI
Martha is an expert on finance, accounting and sustainability. As CEO of GLYNT.AI, she constantly sees the challenge facing sustainability and finance teams.

Jennifer Loughridge, Principal Consultant, Loughridge Transformations
Jennifer brings years of experience in finance and compliance to the world of sustainability, ensuring that sustainability teams get the prioritized action items they need, and finance teams get fully compliant data and reporting.

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